Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Luke 1:45

“Blessed is she who believed that the promise made her by the Lord would be fulfilled.” (Luke 1:45)

In the midst of delusions, of sufferings and of persecutions in our present times, the celebration of the Assumption invites us to look at Mary as a sign of sure hope and to live in this world constantly oriented toward the eternal goods. Faith in the presence of our Lord which sustains our walk, and charity which fills our heart with the presence of God and which brings us close to the needs of people, permit us to feed the hope in the realization of the promises of God. By faith the whole man gives himself to God receiving that which He has made known. Through the faith of Mary there is accomplished the work of Salvation: the Son of God comes to us. Because of her faith, Mary is said to be blessed: blessed because she believes in the Word of God. And the first beatitude, the one that is fundamental: faith in the promise, which permits the Lord to live “today” in the believers who listen to this Word. The beatitude of Mary is shared with each believer who listens and lives the Word. The Word is to be welcomed as it truly is, the “Word of God which is at work in you believers” (1Thess 2:13).

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An Experience of Life:

One day, while going to the university, I passed by a church. I was praying when a boy who was limping and dressed in rags with a heavy knapsack came up to me to ask for alms. I got up and we went toward the door so as not to disturb the people seated in the pews.

There he tells me all about his situation: in three days he will be able to enter a community for detoxification and rehabilitation, but he does not have money to eat nor does he know where to go to sleep for three days. He shows me an ugly wound on one of his legs.

I had with me only enough money to buy a book for the exam and to eat in the cafeteria. I turned towards the altar with faith: “Jesus – I said to him in my heart – you know that I need this money, but I believe in the love of the Father…” I took the money and I gave it to the boy, whose face lit up. Even outside of the church he continued to thank me… Then I went to the school faculty, and the morning passed by without thinking anymore about this event.

At noon, at the dining hall, I fill my tray and I give my magnetic card to the cashier, who gives me a receipt stamped on it “euro 0”. How come? The cashier asks me if I had asked for a study grant. I said yes, but my request was not accepted. The cashier said: “You did not get the study grant, but in recompense they offered you free meals for the whole year”.

I feel a “thump” in my heart: the Father up there did not even wait two hours to reciprocate!

Stefano (Padova, Italy)

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