Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mark 14:36

"Not what I will, but what thou wilt.” (Mk 14:36)


In these words that Jesus speaks to the Father in the garden of Olives is the arrival to the summit of man’s journey who returns to God.

After the experience of sin Adam, the “old man”, feels for the first time in his heart the fear to meet the Lord and thus tries to hide himself. The voice of the evil one put him into a state of confusion creating for him a mistaken idea about God. Thus he flees from Him and from His will and goes forth wandering about, prisoner of his own fears.

Jesus puts an end to this flight, to this living as a vagrant who hide himself from God. He reveals the true face of God, that of a merciful Father Who wants the good of His own children and He calls them to participate in His own Life.

The man Jesus does not flee but seeks God; He wants that His own heart beats in unison with that of the Father. This relationship is fulfilled in prayer, kneeling in prayer Jesus compels His (and our) humanity to receive the design of love which surpasses us. From the “yes” to the Father is born the “new man”, capable of giving ones life for love overcoming every fear.

Also we, in these holy days, recollect ourselves in prayer in order to take part in the trial of death and of the resurrection of Jesus and in this way to regenerate in us and around us the “new man”, that one made according to the will of the Father.

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An Experience of Life:

A friend, Angelo, who I discover is unemployed, communicates to me a great sorrow: the death of his new born baby girl. When we take leave of each other, I have in my heart only one desire: to do something for him. The day after, my first thought was: I want to find work for Angelo.

Among the very few possibilities in an area with much unemployment, Carlo comes to mind, another friend, manager of a large company.

But my day was so filled with things to do that I realized that I would not succeed in contacting him. During the Holy Mass I complain a little with Jesus: “You ask to much of me!”

While I was on my way to meet with a person that was going through a very difficult situation – one of the scheduled tasks for that day – I confide to the Father the work for Angelo.

I listen for hours, with great peace, that person who in the end was truly relieved and happy.

Returning home, there was a message. It is Angelo who found work. He is happy. And I am happy too. But his second statement really touched me: the work is with Carlo’s company, the manager, with whom he came into contact walking along another street.

X. Z., Italy

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