Thursday, October 6, 2011

Matthew 9:9

“Follow me.” (Mt 9:9)

Jesus asks us to follow Him in a radical way. But today the great majority of Christians who believe to be Christians follow Jesus in their own way, according to their own criteria, in relativism which totally surrounds us in our culture, in our mass media. A great number of people today want a Christianity without the cross and without humility, in particular for Catholics, humility before Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament and humility before the difficult words of Jesus explained by the authority that Jesus left us here on earth before He ascended to Heaven, His Spouse, the Church, with His Vicar as the head.

But also for those who sincerely want to follow Jesus, there are moments in which one dies inside of oneself: we feel useless and defeated; we do not succeed anymore to believe in love; we have lost the ability to take risks. There is need of a future; there is need of a ray of heaven; there is need of true love.

Where does one find a new inspiration? If we give more attention to what God does for us, instead of thinking about what He asks of us, we will find a new breath of soul.

It is very different to hear about the importance of people due to the role that they have, and instead to hear about their importance because they are loved by God! Rediscovering in this way “the heart of life”, each day is tinted with adventure, a divine adventure, where even lose becomes a gain.

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An Experience of Life:

Liliana Cosi, an acclaimed dancer and founder, with Marinel Stefanescu, of a school of classical dance, speaking at a public manifestation at Auronzo, recounted her conversion and described art as an expression of harmony and beauty, which is God.

She spoke also about purity, about radical choices.

“Have you ever felt abandoned by God?” she asked a girl. She reflects a few seconds holding her head between her hands. “Yes, I had the impression one day that I was big dreamer, that my whole life and my commitment was only an illusion. And so I entered into a church, I stopped before Jesus on the cross and I said: “I will not leave here if You do not solve my problem!” I stayed there, alone, two hours. Then Jesus gave me a serenity that I never had before. It is the conviction to have to continue and the joy to be faithful to Him.”

S. De Martin

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