Monday, December 5, 2011

Luke 3:4

“Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight his paths” (Lk 3:4).

The prophet Isaiah, with his exhortation, helps us to understand that the way and the paths that lead to life are of the Lord; thus they are always treaded upon. All we have to do is to detect them, free them from the holes, from the obstacles and “make them straight”, that is, to get rid of all the useless detours which slow down our meeting with the Lord.

We remember the penance and the prayers in order to better live out this period of Advent. Now we can give more attention to the Word of God which invites us to awaken ourselves from sleep and to walk, which is to say to live the Word daily. The Word must conquer our minds and our actions bring us back to the commandment of reciprocal love.

While we are surrounded by the spirit of the egotistical and consumerist Christmas which gives us a restlessness in the race to have and to enjoy, in the illusion to romantically find in this way fraternity and peace, let us seek to transform the encounter and the gift into a gesture of love, on the right and level walk of the will of God in each present moment.

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An Experience of Life:

Last Friday I had to go to Colombara for a meeting. I went willingly, even though without any expectation or any particular enthusiasm. Toward the evening Father Bruno telephoned me from the Caritas of the parish to tell me that the police were taking away two street girls during the night. Father Bruno does not ask, but he informs…! I told him that on my way to Colombare that I would stop by. After a few minutes I telephoned him and asked him: “Is it better that I bring some money for night lodging?”

By the time I arrived and prepared two rooms, two police officers arrive with the two girls. Someone inside of me took away any barrier of repulsion and of bother: I became welcoming, tender, I began taking care of these creatures with motherly solicitude. One of the girls told me that she was pregnant… I caressed her abdomen, and I accompanied her in a room; they put down their things and they told me that they were very hungry. I prepared the best supper I could; I served them while reassuring them with smiles and caresses. I prepared for them camomile tea; I lead them to bed. I showed them my room next to theirs and I told them that they could close and lock the door of their room. Two turns of the key and then silence… After twelve hours I went to wake them up with coffee. These are the facts!

I feel inside of myself that I am privileged that the Lord gave me this gift so special; I am amazed and happy.

I passed the night with little sleep, but with a nice serenity. I felt like I was the guardian of that sleep finally tranquil and so desired, on the other side of the hall. I have plenty of time to thank the Lord and to tell me: “In this way you come back, in this way you reveal yourself; two prostitutes and a little baby of no one… it is in this way that You make Yourself known filling me with joy!

Roberta, Verona (Italy)

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