Friday, November 2, 2012

John 14:23

“Whoever loves me will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our dwelling with him” (John 14:23).

Living the Word, as a response to Love, determines the presence of Jesus in those who love Him and trust in Him.

And in this lived reality, Jesus approaches the people and the people rediscover the joy of meeting Him.

The Word must be so well known and announced, but - because the word of God that has the smell of the earth and the taste of heaven - is first and foremost welcomed, loved and lived. Then it will give its fruits!

For this reason, believers have no reason for worry and anxiety. Our pains, unforeseen calamities, absurd diseases can remind us of Jesus' cry, "My God, why hast thou forsaken me?".

Let us try, then, to recognize Jesus in every hardship, the constrictions of life, in all the darkness, the personal tragedies of others, sufferings of humanity that surrounds us. It is He, because He has made them His own. It will be enough to tell Him with faith: "It is You, Lord, my only good"; it will be enough to do something concrete to relieve "His" suffering in the poor and unfortunate, in order to go beyond the door, and find beyond a joy never felt, a new fullness of life”(Chiara Lubich).

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An Experience of Life:

We are a group of boys from a small town in northern Italy, and for a good bit of time we have decided to commit ourselves to live the new commandment of Jesus, that is to love each other as He has loved us, in order to build among us a little piece of a united world. So, every two weeks, we meet in my house to spend some time together as well as to share with each other how each one of us has tried in the last two weeks to love and to live the words of the Gospel.

Communicating the experiences is very important to us; it helps us, in fact, to strengthen the unity among us and to overcome some of the difficult moments. Trying to put into practice the words of the Gospel, we discover how beautiful it is to love whoever passes by us: the elderly person to whom you give your seat in the bus; the immigrant who you meet at the traffic light, the classmate who is unable to resolve a problem or is going through a difficult time, the friend who seems too domineering, and the brothers and sisters with whom you share the room, and, it seems strange, but also the teachers that are not so pleasant.

Of course these experiences will not be mentioned in the history books. But the joy of unity that is created between us which we want to bring to so many other boys, reciprocates 100 times all the effort that sometimes we may encounter in building it.

Mirco, Alex, Mario and Vincenzo

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