Wednesday, September 4, 2013

1 John 3:18

Let us not love in word or speech but in deed and in truth. (1 Jn. 3:18)

The first question that we learned in the catechism as children was: “Why did God create you? And we answered: To know, love and serve God. TODAY THIS IS TOTALLY UPSIDE DOWN: religion exists for a great number of people to serve me, not to help me to serve God, not to help me to discover the will of God from the teachings of the Church guided by the Pope (Mt 16:18), not to help me to do the will of God with the help of prayer and the Sacraments (as we say in the Our Father: “THY (not mine!) will be done”!). The great majority of people today do not want to take even the first step to discover what God wants. The philosophy of life is: “Ignorance is bliss”! Bliss today, but tomorrow, and after death?!? The recent Popes tell us that the gravest sin today is that we have lost the sense of sin. One trusts in himself and not in God-Love! “Jesus I trust in You!” (Saint Faustina).

A teacher asked a child what is love. The little girl answered simply that live means to want to be together and to pass time together with those who you love. How many parents, and in particular, the fathers of children, pass very little time with their children. If a girl does not receive love from her true father, afterwards, she easily welcomes false love from boys that want to take advantage of her for their own egoism and pleasure. If a boy does not receive true love from his father, the boy seeks to gain the attention of the father by seeking success in doing instead of being, in the simple friendship of true love between Dad and son. If there is not the presence of the father at all, there is the danger that the small boy identifies himself with the mother and to develop the disorder of homosexuality in which the relationships with other homosexual boys is not altruism but egoism, because the boy never received true love of altruism from the male model in his family. Behold how the fathers in the families can love “in deed and in truth”, to love their children as the father want to be loved, as the children want to be loved, and above all to be together in the simplicity of wanting well for each other with the help of God.

If a person did not receive true love in the family, how can he love others? We are born in original sin, in egoism; without pray and if no one offers personally true love, not only empty words, it is very difficult to come out of the pit of disguised egoism. Thus my brothers and sisters, let us pray much and offer small sacrifices for those who did not receive this authentic love from the family, which are very numerous today! But the most fundamental thing is to pass as much time as possible with the Divine Prisoner in the tabernacle, Who gives us drop by drop divine milk in order to have more and more a deep relationship with Him, without which it is impossible to have a relationship or human friendship based on true love and altruism, not disguised egoism. Then when we have that opportunity to love concretely, let us love totally to the point of being ready to give our life for Jesus Who hides in each brother who presents himself before us during the day, in particular those in our homes, not just those on the other side of the street with which we do not live in the same house!

"It would be easier for the world to survive without the sun than to do so without the Holy Mass", Saint Padre Pio.

“The Rosary is the weapon for these times”, Saint Padre Pio.

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An Experience of Life:

I live near the wall that was built in my country to divide us between the Arabs and the Jews. I see it every day opening the window of my room. Along the way, then, there are checkpoints where the soldiers stop anyone wanting to pass to check the documents, and so to go school, to visit relatives or friends becomes an adventurous undertaking ...!

I become agitated every time the soldiers stop us, but then I remember that I can offer my fear to Jesus and that the soldier is a man like me, so I have to love him.

In this way I feel that Jesus becomes everything to me, giving me the strength to re-begin each day, the weight of the difficulty becomes lighter.

Juliana, the Holy Land

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