Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ephesians 4:32

Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you (Eph 4:32).

The experience of God's forgiveness is what can change us from the inside, because it makes us experience the generosity of His mercy and an inexhaustible possibility of life . In the first place is not our possible conversion, but the joy of forgiveness, joy above all of God in offering us His forgiveness . Jesus in the reception of sinners gives us a glimpse this joy. The three parables that make up the fifteenth chapter of the Gospel of Luke (15:1-32) clearly convey the good news: God is a good father, his home is a safe space . The focus of the three stories focuses on the joy of God for change.

In the parable of the lost sheep attention is drawn to the activities of the pastor who searches: he leaves, goes behind, until it finds. And precisely to the intensity of the search is connected the joy of finding again. God rejoices in forgiveness. The parable tells us what God feels, not what the sinner must do. The sympathy of God and his love for the sinner precede the conversion. We convert because we are loved . We convert because we are forgiven. The shepherd goes in search of the lost sheep because it continues to be precious in his eyes. How beautiful it is to celebrate the sacrament of reconciliation: it makes you experience the joy of God which becomes your strength.

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Un’Esperienza di Vita:

As I walked with my load of "lollipops" I noticed a crowd of people around a boy: he had stolen and sold a pack of cigarettes in order to eat something.

When things like this happen here with us the police are not called, but they beat you badly right on the spot.

How to get off the hook that guy who was not such a villain like they wanted to make it appear? From my proceeds of the day I took the money and I paid for him. And so calm returned and I was able to warn the boy. After a few days I passed by that area again: a person recognized me and stopped me, remembering the episode of the cigarettes; he thanked me for the example I had given.

K.Y. - Camerun

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