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Matthew 18:19-20

‘Truly I tell you, if two of you agree on earth about anything you ask, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them’ (Mt 18:19-20).

Dear friends, recently I had an interesting experience. A month ago a friend named Marcello, sent me an message on my cell phone, asking me if it were possible to meet each other at Loreto (Italy) where there was to be held the monthly Prayer Cenacle of the “Marian Movement of Priests” June 2, with 5 regions from Italy of the MMP (founded by Father Stefano Gobbi; visit: “Funeral Stefano Gobbi”; I knew his father, Roberto, from Città di Castello, Italy. After having spoken together and having lunch together, Marcello offered to me a booklet, “Saint Veronica Giuliani – True Disciple and Apostle of Mary” (Città di Castello). The booklet of about 100 pages made a strong impression on me and I began using it as material for my daily meditation. A week ago I participated in the Spiritual Exercises (June 22-28, 2014) at Collevalenza (Todi – PG; founded by the newly beatified, Mother Speranza) of the Marian Movement of Priests with about 200 priests and 10 bishops from around the world. I spoke with a priest about this booklet on Saint Veronica, and this priest told me that there was a Frate, a Deacon, from Lebanon, who founded a new congregation, all approved by his Bishop in Lebanon, “Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart of Mary”, tied also to the spirituality and message of Saint Veronica. I found and spoke with this Frate and we exchanged phone numbers and among other things, he told me that Padre Pio had explained why the two attempts to make Saint Veronica a doctor of the Church, after her death on July 9, 1727, failed because the mission of Saint Veronica will be accomplished in these our times. Padre Pio said that Saint Veronica is one of the greatest saints in the history of the Church, even though up to now, she is little known!

Cardinal Peter Palazzini wrote: “The mission of Saint Veronica must still begin in the Church… It is necessary to concentrate on the aspect of expiation, which is dealt with a lot in the Diary of the Saint and that she gives us the justification to point her out as a distinguished Master of the doctrine of expiation… The Diary is a catechism, a doctorate, and permanent mission, that the Church of the Second Vatican Council cannot nor must not ignore, if it wants to give a foundation to all of its energies of renewal. A solemn gesture of the Church could give to the saving message of the Saint the launch that it merits.”

Pope Pius XII wrote: “… Veronica Giuliani is a luminary so great of sanctity that she would suffice to illustrate the Church, before the sneers of scorn and of the slander of the most proud and mordant philosophy of the incredulous people.”

Frate Emmanuele works 3 to 4 months each year in Italy and the rest of the year in Lebanon promoting the consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the message for our times of Saint Veronica. I telephoned Frate Emmanuele to schedule a visit of his in our zone. The day after, while I was doing my meditation in church before the tabernacle with the booklet of Saint Veronica, I decide to look for the first time who was the author of the booklet. I discovered that the booklet was written by “Fr. Emmanuele del Cuore Immacolato e Addolorato di Maria”! One sees the hand of Our Lady and of Saint Veronica in these happenings!

The 26th of June 2014 at the retreat at Collevalenza, Frate Emmanuele offered to us 200 priests and 10 bishops the afternoon meditation. He spoke of the importance to take seriously the request of Our Lady of Fatima about the consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Among other things, Frate Emmanuele said during the meditation:

It is also enough to realize that Portugal is the only nation that was able to accomplish this consecration (solemnly, with the participation of its ecclesiastical and temporal leaders), and only when the Second World War was raging on, the church with Pope Pius XII considered to make the first consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 1942 (Sister Lucy…): the invisible enemy, the great dragon, watches over well, one sees, his own interests. He really is afraid of the “Woman clothed with the sun” (Rev 12:1) and her message, especially of the consecration. He wants to prevent it at all costs, and with all means, especially by the blinding of certain ecclesiastical leaders, unfortunately.”

Thus, the consecration of Lebanon to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which occurred June 16, 2013, 95 years after the apparitions of Fatima, cannot be but an event of maximum importance in this dour combat, described by Pope John Paul II as “Definitive and Final”.”

It is an event that must not pass unobserved, but rather enter into the reading of the “signs of the times”, and merits to be deeply meditated and valued well in order to gather in the global importance, and to gather in all the fruits that heaven desires; and this especially on the part of the MMP, chosen instrument founded by the Heavenly Mother herself for the triumph of the message of Fatima, or rather the triumph of her Immaculate Heart, by way of the diffusion of the consecration.”

I spoke with other priests from Lebanon during the meals together at Collevalenza and they told me that in Lebanon there is no war as in the rest of the Middle East. Also a bishop, of the Marionite Rite, in Syria, consecrated his diocese, together with his priests and a great number of lay people, and in that diocese there is no war even though there is war all around in the country of Syria!

Dear friends, in the next “Spiritual Food” I will tell you more about these events that are unfolding now and perhaps also a few paragraphs from the booklet on Saint Veronica Giuliani.

Until the next episode!

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An Experience of Life:

We almost begin to smile when we think about the fact that many of our most beautiful experiences happen in public places frequented by many people that one knows only by sight or even those never seen before. And so also this time the certainty that God loves us immensely came by way of a simple gesture of love which happened in a supermarket.

I was approaching the counter of cold cuts and I was getting ready to take the infamous numbered ticket which is supposed to avoid discussions among customers in the queue, when I realized that the person before me did not take it at all. This person, perhaps a bit embarrassed, noticed the lack thereof and decides to go back at the end of the queue and take the ticket. Without much thought, I offered my ticket which I had just pulled out. He was astonished and amazed and looking at me, gave back to me the ticket saying: "For this gesture, I'll give up my place. Go in ahead since after all you have a baby in your arms”. Then turning to the butcher who had witnessed the scene, said aloud: "I have never met before a person so kind."

Returning home after arranging the groceries I noticed on the bottom of the bag of sausages a small package. I opened it and I was surprised to find a cut of pork from the neck as a complimentary gift. I understood immediately that it was God's answer to this simple and perhaps trivial gesture of kindness but done with love and attention and that it is precisely this that people need to encounter.


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Father Joseph Dwight


How can one live the Word of Life for this month (Mt 18:19-20) if “two of you” or more, ARE NOT IN AGREEMENT ABOUT THE TRUTH ITSELF, or if they are in agreement only about easy truths but not about the uncomfortable divine truths which indicate to us that we must change our lives and suffer with Jesus crucified?!? This would be false unity, false love, misguided compassion, because it is not based on the incarnate Truth Who is Jesus Christ (Jn 14:6)! To set aside or to sacrifice the treasures of the “truth that will set you free” (Jn 8:32), so that we can be together with those who do not want to respect the beliefs of others, is FALSE ECUMENISM!?!

The founder of Christendom College (USA), Dr. Warren Carroll, wrote that ecumenism is important, but properly understood is “not an ecumenism in which you would abandon convictions in truth which would be superficial and meaningless agreements, but developing an ecumenism built solidly on real conviction and truth.”

How often in the name of false mercy and false ecumenism, WE CATHOLICS ARE BEING PUSHED AND COERCED AND MANIPULATED with beautiful words and slogans and nice lies to put aside the saving truth and the primary means of sanctification, expressed infallibly in the doctrines of the Church, and offered in the Sacraments.

MORE THAN EVERY BEFORE THE WORLD NEEDS THESE SPIRITUAL TREASURES OF GRACE AND GUIDANCE! This is similar to how so many families in Italy put the first priority in being together at table, at supper, while avoiding as taboo disagreements due to differences in belief in the Catholic religion or Catholic morality. In USA, this would be analogous to setting aside the Truth in order to be “politically correct”! For the great majority of Catholics today, the first priority is human respect, and what God desires for our true good is not even considered.

As I wrote in the “Spiritual Food” of April 2014, “WE ARE LIVING IN ONE OF THE MOST CONFUSING TIMES IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD AND OF THE CHURCH; this confusion has been well orchestrated by the puppets of the father of lies (Jn 8:44) especially in recent times, due to the great lack of prayer and almost total disregard for sin.”

These puppets have worked with great patience, in particular in the last 50 years, taking control of the motors of the culture (the mass media, the schools and the religious institutions) in order to brainwash us in a stronger way than in the history of the world. Thus a great number of people do not realize the great danger, they do not struggle to open their eyes and willingly remain in the easier philosophy of life: “Ignorance is bliss”! If we allow to be able to change a doctrine of the Church, in principle, we open the door to change all the infallible doctrines of the Church which come from the Absolute Truth! BEHOLD THE MORTAL HIDDEN POISON IN THE NAME OF CHARITY (FALSE), in the name of misguided compassion!

I put together the last few “Spiritual Food” in order to help us better to look again, globally, all together, TO HELP US REALIZE BETTER THE UNDERHANDED TRAPS OF THE DEVIL in all times, but in particular in our times. With the preparation of the puppets of Satan, very few Catholics, and unfortunately bishops and cardinals, realize that to allow to be able to change one doctrine of the Church, which opens the door to the rest, will be more devastating to the immortal souls and thus to the whole world than, … we cannot imagine! If we do not study, with much prayer, we remain without defence, we do not recognize the traps of the devil today and we end up putting our foot and our head in these traps which appear beautiful on the outside and afterwards it is very difficult to pull out our foot and our head, and thus our immortal soul!


“Who Decides The Truth?”

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