Sunday, May 10, 2015

Spiritual Food 1505

Dear friends,

As I wrote last month (, I wanted to offer a personal experience but I did not find the time to finish it last month. A few of the reasons that I would like to offer this experience is to help us realize the situation we are in today so as to open our eyes more regarding the very subtle traps and the underhanded snares of our enemy.

I think most of you can recall THE VISION OF POPE LEO XIII in 1884: …

To read the rest, all together, visit:
The Hidden Broad Road to Perdition”

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An Experience of Life:

When I was one year old, my father left the house, leaving my mother pregnant with her sixth child and with the other small children. Our situation became critical: we had nothing to eat and we ended up with only the essentials. Not having the money for the bills we cut off the lights and then the gas. For years we lived using oil lamps and cooking with the wood fire.

Meanwhile, my father hooked up with another woman and had more children, but my mother always taught us to recognize him as a father. When we saw him, she told us: That one is your father; go to him and ask for his blessing.

Up to eighteen years old I sold things as a peddler. Often I hid when I saw a friend because I was embarrassed. I also worked as a farmer and as a bricklayer. Later I was called to work as a volunteer in the Ministry of Justice, where being edified by my commitment, they gave me a good work position.

One day a friend of mine invited me to a meeting of a Movement to which he belonged. I went there and I found out that Jesus had suffered and experienced the abandonment on the Cross. This could give meaning to my personal suffering and that of my family. I believed that everything could make sense and that my pain made me more sensitive to the sufferings of others: this discovery brought me closer to God.

Later I managed to graduate in Arts. I had everything: studies, a safe and permanent place, but - growing in my relationship with God - I felt very strongly His call to give myself to him, to leave everything to follow Him.

I can testify that the most powerful experience of my life, which is now a certainty, it is the experience that pain has led me and leads to a personal encounter with God and a new love for my neighbor.

Lizomar Do Santos, Focolare Movement - Brasil

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Father Joseph Dwight

You might find very interesting my very candid response to an invitation by Bruin Christian Fellowship members to have a reunion during the summer of 2015. The members of this group of “BCFers” were together at UCLA (LA, California) from about the years 1970 to 1974.

“A Letter to Bruin Christian Fellowship Members of 1971”

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