Saturday, December 12, 2015

Spiritual Food 1512

Dear friends,

Waiting for events to manifest themselves, I would like to offer you another meditation by, Padre Gabrielli Quartilio, to over 200 priests and to over 10 bishops during the International Spiritual Exercises of the Marian Movement of Priests, at Collevalenza – Sanctuary of Merciful Love (Madre Speranza), June 21-27, 2015.

The End of the Times - The Great Trial

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An Experience of Life

For the holidays we rented a small house at a good price. Marlies worked at home, she would cook, I would do the shopping. There were many "temptations" for their children. So many beautiful things to buy, but we lacked the money. They were unhappy, they felt their situation was unfair and expressed their disappointment. As parents, we felt we were questioned, we found the answer in the Word of the Gospel: "Seek first the kingdom of God ..", which for us, in that time, meant to be patient, to not react with unkind words and give the children the responsibility on how to spend the money.

We put everything on the table, and with them we decided how to spend the money for the remaining time. They began to consider well the money that was available. The basket was available to all and each one of us began to forget unnecessary requests to make room for another. We found peace in the family and the children began to help in the kitchen and to do the cleaning. We sang. We played. Harmony reigned in these special holidays and remained even after ... for a fairly long time.

H.G.S., Austria

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Father Joseph Dwight

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The messages of Our Lady to Don Stefano Gobbi have been approved by several bishops; you can find all of the messages, as well as the various “Imprimatur”s, at:
To The Priests Our Lady’s Beloved Sons”,

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“Vatican’s ‘climate change’ light show skipped the most endangered species of all – the unborn child”

“As the Year of Mercy launches with this show, it makes me wonder if we’re testing God’s mercy rather than celebrating it.”

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