Friday, March 4, 2016

Spiritual Food 1603

Dear friends,

For this month I offer you that which I prepared in my article:

Have we truly arrived to a SCHISM?

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An Experience of Life

One day the house keys disappeared, as well as the salary of her husband and other valuables. Who was it? The author of the theft had to be someone close to the family ... This caused great suffering for Mirta Zanella (Argentina), so much so that she did not succeed in praying. Then, remembering that Jesus invites us to forgive, she did it, even for the person who robbed her. A few days later it came to light that a lady in distress who was begging in the district and with whom she had for a long time a cordial relationship, stole from a neighbor's house: while she threatened with a gun, her husband grabbed the stolen goods. Even Mirta, some time later, received from this woman serious threats and to defend herself called the police. The woman was arrested and convicted of various crimes, and sentenced to 17 years in prison.

In the months following Mirta’s husband suggested to her to visit this woman in prison. "No way!" she answered also because she was afraid ... Shortly after there was a new request: this time it was a priest of the parish, who proposed to go with a group of other ladies to the women's prison, where, among other people, was the jailed woman who robbed Mirta. A little confused, Mirta accepted, remembering the words of the Gospel: "Go therefore and learn what this means: I desire mercy and not sacrifice." She went with the group, to the prison and at the conclusion of the Mass she saw the woman. It was a moment: she decided to greet her with a hug. “She started crying and asked for forgiveness - recounted Mirta -. I replied that the Lord had already forgiven you and I too forgive you. She asked me to pray for her children and I promise that I would."

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Father Joseph Dwight

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