Sunday, September 25, 2016

Spiritual Food 1609

Dear friends,

Satan apes love with false love. Satan apes mercy with false mercy.
When we do not pray and we do not care about sins according to the Ten Commandments explained by the Catechism of the Catholic Church for adults, God respects our choice and takes away his protecting hand and “the powers of evil” go forward uninhibited!!!
Whether we like it or not life is a “DOUR COMBAT with the powers of evil” (CCC 409)! Many people have willingly forgotten that we were not created for this earth but to be with God in heaven! God respects our choice to want to be with God or to not want to be with God here on earth and for all eternity after our death! Whether we want to or not, whether we believe it or not, we have been given an immortal soul at our conception in the womb of our mothers and we will live forever with God or not with God, depending on our choice in this very short life!!! There are only two eternal places after death: where there is God and where there is not God, but “the father of lies” (Jn 8:44).
Satan will try to convince as many as possible that he is the Messiah and the savior of all people and of the world. When the wound of the first beast, a political leader, the antichrist will be healed, “the whole earth followed the beast with wonder…” (Rev 13:3, 12).
In the second part of this article there are many articles that you might find interesting, including about the true purpose of NASA to produce holograms using Chemtrails, the fake extraterrestrials, the great danger of CERN, the Money Masters of the world, the continuing destruction of the sacrament of Matrimony and the family by “Pope Francis”, the “illumination of the consciences”, and more.

Satan Apes Christ

FOR UPDATES on some of these fundamental, hidden, and disguised deceptions of the ancient serpent, visit one of my index web sites to see the more important, latest articles:

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An Experience of Life

At the ninth week of pregnancy I contracted rubella. The next few days were the hardest of our married life: we found ourselves in front of a problem bigger than us.

We had always tried to live according to the Gospel, but this time the first reaction was one of fear. According to the doctors, the possibility of having a normal child was reduced to 5 percent. Having already had three children, the risk of having another "different" would have created distressing problems. And the refusal of pregnancy, reasoning with the current mentality, it seemed the best solution.

My husband left me free to decide, but I wanted him to tell me to accept it, as in my heart as a mother I had already done from the first moment. I believe that I have never prayed so hard.

At one point he said to me: "And if this child had nothing or little wrong?". It was the sign I was waiting for! We hugged each other and from that moment we felt more united. After six months was born a beautiful child.

J.O., Switzerland

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I leave for Medjugorje on September 30 and I return October 5.

In a private conversation with the visionary Mirjana Soldo Pope John Paul II said: "IF I WERE NOT POPE I WOULD ALREADY BE IN MEDJUGORJE CONFESSING."(1987)

May God bless you all!

Father Joseph Dwight

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